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Pictures and Poems - November 2011   

The Astronaut and Me
It's been a long time coming, long home coming
He said forget me not
I couldn't let him free
The astronaut and me

I tried to tie him down to Earth
He had lights in his eyes when he looked at the skies
It was a cruel warmth I stole from him
The astronaut and me

He left in the night in a rocket
He left pieces of hurt from his pocket
I tried to chase his dreams out of him
The astronaut and me

He's orbiting, dancing with planets
And how I want him to be in love with me
But he'd rather be touching infinity
It's not my fault he's resistant to gravity
The astronaut and me

And I'm jealous of the stars for having him
I look at them, ask for him back
He said forget me not, I said
I wouldn't, and I haven't, and will never
Forget him
My astronaut and me

Backwards Lullaby

Don't go to sleep
Cos the guns don't stop
And the shadows creep
On the night-time cop

Don't stay awake
Cos the band won't play
For a couple of shakes
When you got no pay

And don't go to sleep
Cos the door don't lock
And don't stay awake
You'll make Santa cross

Don't stay inside
Cos the walls topple down
And don't go outside
Cos they'll shoot you down



Stroud Valleys Open Studios
Open Studio montageStroud Valleys Arts: Open Studios 2013,  May 11th, 12th and May 18th, 19th.

Regular visitors to this website will know that not very much has been happening with it for the last year or so, and at last the truth can be revealed: I have been busy preparing my paintings for the SVA Open Studios in May. There will be 12 canvasses in oil and acrylic, providing a retrospective of my work over the last decade. As you can see from the illustration they include portraits, figure studies, landscapes and still life, and in due course images of them will appear on this website.

Watch this space for more information about the Open Studios event.

Stroud Valleys Arts website

Alp Station
: A short story (5000 words) available for free download.

"Professor Maitland, you attack those who run corrupt reAlp Stationgimes, start illegal wars, make millions as they destroy the world economy through reckless gambling. Such people will never play fair."
But nor, it seems, will his hosts at the remote mountain chateau to which he has come. Why has he been invited, and who is the mysterious girl whose presence seems specifically designed to embarrass him? And, most worryingly of all, what is the emergency now unfolding in the town at the bottom of the mountain?
Maitland must unravel the clues as events spin nightmarishly out of control.
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